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Guide- Paying via your Paypal account

Paying via Paypal account



If you don't already have an account with us, on the same page scroll down to New Customer. If this is your first purchase from this website you will need to fill in this form to complete the purchase. All fields marked with a * need to be filled out such as email, new password to login this website, first and last name. You do not need to select your date of birth. Just under this section also fill out the delivery address details and click on Save



Scroll down to the next section. Select the delivery service you would like to use. If you select Australia Post Express delivery there will be an extra cost added to your total. If you have any specific requirements for your delivery please type them in the Leave a message area. Please read our terms and conditions by clicking on Read the Terms of Service. If you agree to these conditions tick the box to the left. 



Two options will appear for payment methods. Click on Pay with your card or your PayPal account. You can pay using your own Paypal account if you already have one or you can apply for a new Paypal account by clicking on the button as well.